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i'm headed to chatham, cape cod! bill: happy labor day! "happening now" starts right now. jenna: hi everybody, i'm jenna lee. we start this hour with a fox news alert. jon: i'm jon scott, live team coverage along the east coast as hurricane earl bears down on virginia, the weakened but still dangerous storm bringing fierce winds and rain to north carolina overnight, emergency crews are assessing damage now to beaches, homes, roadways. jon that are serrie is in kill devil, north saeurz. jenna: first the national hurricane center putting out a new advisory on earl. janice tkao*pb has that in her hands. what do we know? >> reporter: i just had my producer on the phone, it
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literally came in sounds ago at the top of 11:00. here's the latest. it's down to a category one storm, a category one, 85-mile an hour sustained winds, north, northeast at 20 miles an hour. it's being influenced by a trough that's eventually going to bring us beautiful weather once the trough moves through the southeast but it's also going to pick this storm and move it eastward, so that's the news flash that we have, down to a cat one, but feeling the effects of the hurricane across the coast, dell mar -- dell mar and through the out you are bands right here, still looking for the potential for st-rpl surge from a hurricane, as well as heavy rain. we could also see hurricane-force winds throughout the afternoon and evening hours, especially for cape cod and the islands, right here as we think this storm could brush the region. here's our future radar as we take you further out in time and show you what's going to happen with the
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storm. here we are at 6:00 p.m., eastern long island getting rain bands and then up towards eastern massachusetts and rhode island, as well as connecticut, friday evening, then towards maine, and we're still getting a clip here for cape cod and the islands. then by saturday, it really should be making its way up to eastern canada. precip, we could see a couple of inches on top of what we saw for portions of eastern north carolina, and the heaviest of rain really for new england and eastern long island, but the good news is we've downgraded the storm, so obviously, this is not up to date, so we're down to a cat one, but the track is basically the same, just brushing eastern massachusetts. so we could still see a big hit from the hurricane across this region and we're going to have to monitor that, but the good news is the storm is weakening and it's moving quickly, you know, so we can just cross
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our fingers jenna. that's the best case scenario and we'll all have a fantastic labor day weekend once earl is out of here. jenna: that sounds perfect, that's the way we want to end the weather report. i know you've got to get back and check those hurricane reports as well. still a cat 1-rbgs still a hurricane. we can't disregard that. >> we can't disregard that but it's weakening. jenna: good news. thank you very much. jon: the maps aren't to -- up to date because they only upgraded it about ten seconds ago? steve centanni in oceanside, maryland, what's going on where you are, steve? >> in the last couple of seconds, rain has picked up, and the winds have been brisk all morning. they expect the winds to pick up later on this afternoon to come to about 30 miles an hour with gusts higher than that. we have tropical storm force winds in ocean city, maryland, some rain, and the big story is the huge, angry surf that you can see behind me. these are the biggest waves people have seen here in years, the result of
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hurricane earl, and lifeguard are warning people to stay out of this water. the beach is closed. you can walk up and down the sand as you might be seeing some people do but you absolutely should not go in this treacherous surf. last week with danielle skirting coast even farther off shore than this one, they had hundreds of recent cues and one d.c. man lost his life so they're worried about anyone getting in the water. they're warning people not to do that. for any problems on this peninsula, not bad so far, they expect high tide later this afternoon, low lying areas on the bayside of this peninsula could see flooding but we don't know if that will happen. there have been no closures, no evacuations and for the most part, a lot of people waiting this out, they are holed up in hotels or walking along the board walk, watching the big waves, hoping to the best, but there's no evacuations. some loss of business but for the most part, people taking it in stride.
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jon: no surfing for you today! jenna: we're going to move up the east coast to massachusetts where folks are under a hurricane warning there, one tourist visiting cape cod has his priorities straight: >> we told the barnably inn to make sure they had plenty of alcohol for us! jen i wonder if peter doocy is staying at that same inn. we find him in chatham, massachusetts. >> the weather is pretty mild here, but earl is on its way. luckily, he's expected to get here around low tide so coastal flooding is not expected to be an issue, however, the forecast, we might get up to 6 inches of rain in just about six hours, a span of six hours, so urban flooding could cause significant problems and there's no evacuation order at this time but if the winds reach up to 70 miles an hour the army corps of engineers is going to close down the bridges to and from cape cod. nobody on, and nobody off. and for the most part, people are running out of time to decide if they're going to stay or leave, and
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it sounds like many tough new englanders are going to ride it out here. listen: >> we're going to try to be open as much as possible for the convenience of people needing supplies. >> we're not leaving, because there hasn't been -- they haven't told us to leave. >> reporter: and jenna, no matter what ends up happening with this storm, earl has marked the unofficial end of summer for many boaters up here who have taken their vessels out of the water as a precaution and are very unlikely to put them back in this late in the season. jen that's probably pretty sad for them. peter, thank you very much, we'll be back with peter doocy as the storm develops. as piecer was mentioning, this storm is going to affect a lot of people before it's over, and some of you that are staying through this storm and have just kind of waited and watched, you've been sending us amazing photos, like this one coming from one of our viewers named tee, a look at the surprise over east hampton, new york. earl is supposed to make it there in a few hours. looks pretty beautiful. i don't know jon a gorgeous
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shot. jenna: if you have videos of hurricane earl, send them to us, report, upload them or send them to you report at fox news.dom. use precaution when you're snapping those photos. jon: definitely be safe. to an amazing story of survival in the gulf of mexico, an oil platform catches fire causing crew members to jump into the water. there were only 12 life preservers, this picture shows a human chain in the water, letting the man without holding on for safety. adam housely has the latest. how are the crew members doing now, adam? >> reporter: jon, they're doing well. great news out of the gulf after that happened yesterday morning, about 24 hours ago is when the force was coming in off the platform, 200 miles off the coast of louisiana, and you talked about that rescue attempt t. ended up being such great news, is that 13 men that were on the rig, they went looking for the life vests but because the
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fire was preventing them from getting to the large store of life vests they only had the 12 that you talked about, the 13 jumped in with that life vest, they formed that chain and for two hours floated there, keeping the 13 men afloat, waiting for the ships and helicopters to arrive to pluck them out of the water and take them to safety. no major injuries and one of the men gets to go to his child -pts birthday on saturday, i think she's turning ten. so it's a great party that will of course take place in louisiana, that's for sure, jon. jon: that is great news. what about the platform itself, is there reason to fear there could be yet another oil leak? >> reporter: at first there was, the first reports were there was a mile-long sheen but at this hour the coast guard and the governor here says they haven't found any oil in the water, they're continuing to monitor that. there's also ongoing with the investigation to find out if, a, oil could potentially come out of this platform. it's different than a rig because they weren't drilling into the sea bed, they were extracting gas and oil out, but they're looking to see why it was caused,
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see if any of the oil could potentially leak out of there at any time and also just a blow to the oil industry off the gulf because so many people here are upset and also worrisome about the ongoing moratorium that's been in place since that deepwater horizon. so jon, they're worried about this might influence that moratorium and potentially keep it going longer than it already is. jon: adam housely, live in new orleans, thank you, adam. >> all right. jenna: a fox news alert for you now, president obama, talking jobs on the heels of a brand new unemployment report. labor department reporting the u.s. economy lost 54,000 jobs in august, mainly due to the loss of census workers that was temporary employment, the unemployment rate edging up to 9.6%. molly henneberg is live at the white house with the president's reaction to that employment report. molly, what's the president's take on the numbers? >> reporter: jenna, he pointed to the 67,000 private sector jobs that were created in august, that was better than economists had predicted, but as you said, the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.6%.
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the president said today that, quote, better days are ahead, but he suggested that that might not happen right away. here's more: >> as i said from the start, there's no quick fix to the worst recession we have experienced since the great depression. the hard truth is that it took years to create our current economic problems, and it will take more time than any of us would like to repair the damage. >> reporter: republicans say americans are searching for, quote, both jobs and a recovery. the top house republican john boehner put out a statement today saying, quote, president obama's agenda represented change once, but it is time for him to change course, abandon his job killing polices, and find himself a new economic team. the president said he intends to talk more next week about measures to lift the economy and stimulate growth. jenna: and that's bringing up another big question, isn't it, mol yes, whether or not we're going to see a
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second big stimulus package. is there any indication coming from the white house of what we might see next week? >> the white house says it's, quote, not considering a big second stimulus package. today, the president, though, was pushing senate republicans to pass a bill that the president says will make it easier for some small business toss get loans, it will cut taxes for small businesses, in part by providing $30 billion to small community banks. senate republicans are not on board, though, they consider it another bailout, they say it might encourage banks to make risky loans and they say to really get this economy on track you've got to cut federal spending and cut taxes. jenna. jenna: it will be interesting, the week and months ahead. molly, thank you very much, molly henneberg in d.c. we're going to talk more about this countered of -- idea of a second stimulus with our guests, elaine chao, she was labor secretary under president george w. bush and jeffrey franco, a former economic adviser to president clinton. a lot of great minds there, that's coming up in the next hour of "happening now". jon: all eyes on earl as
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that hurricane blasts the east coast. how one state with fresh memories of a long series getting ready for this storm and live from new jersey, you can see the surf is kicking up. we're going to be showing you a lot more pictures like these throughout the hour. fox news is closely monitoring this still very powerful and dangerous hurricane. we're tracking all of the breaking developments at just click on the full coverage hurricane earl link, it's right there on our home page, we'll get you up to the information. -- up to the minute information.
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jon: a fox news alert, because right now, the east coast is getting a taste of hurricane earl's pummeling winds and surf. in massachusetts, tproebgs not taking any chances, they remember the downed power lines, the days without electricity, and the boats that were tossed everywhere when hurricane bob blasted the bay state back in 1991. joining us on the phone,
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peter judge, public information officer for the massachusetts emergency management agency. peter, what's the biggest issue for your agency and your people right now? >> well, jon, we're almost in a sitting and waiting mode, if you will. we've done a great deal of preparedness all week, since monday, we think local communities, particularly in the cape and the islands, have their ducks in a row, literally, and we've activated an emergency operation center in framing ham, massachusetts, and folks here are ready to help. jon: martha maccallum who has a house on the cape will be disappointed to know that your cape will be ground zero, huh? >> exactly. we've been looking at a statewide event but as this thing gets closer we're going to be more focused on cape cod, particularly outer cape cod and nantucket island and martha's vineyard as well. jon: any issues so far? i mean, has the weather gotten to the point where you've had to recommend evacuation? >> no. we do not recommend any vac
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yeases here in massachusetts. evacuations, if they do occur, are really localized, local officials may have neighborhood folks in an area of a particular town that is vulnerable to flooding to leave, but in massachusetts, unlike a lot of states, you will not see any mass evacuations of any of the islands or cape cod in that regard. jon: yet, you know, you can practically hear people saying this is category 1-rbg it's a minimal hurricane, it's not going to be any problem and even a minimal hurricane can do tremendous amounts of damage. >> exactly right. that's what bob was back in '91. that's our concern. we think officials are ready, we just hope the public is ready. you know, we're afraid of hurricane amnesia, because it's been so long since we've had a major event and we have a lot of new people who have never experienced this type of event. jon: are you telling people to have some emergency supplies, some extra water and that sort of thing on hand? >> very much so. we've been tout thank all week. the idea is for more people,
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really, to shelter in place rather than think about evacuation because the vast majority of folks at cape cod and the island are at a high altitude relative to the sea and the need to leave is probably minimal, that being said, though, the loss of power is certainly a big possibility, so we're asking folks to take those steps as they normally waorbgs 365 days a year. jon: we hope it goes well for you, peter judge, the massachusetts emergency management agency, thanks. >> you're very welcome. martha: a -- jenna: a beautiful young woman going about her day, when a stranger walks up to her, throws acid in her face, the victim of a horrifying attack, speaking out for the first time. >> i have my ups and downs, you know. i think about what happened, and i get frustrated, and i cry, of course, the typical questions, why did this happen to me, and then i'm okay. i'm sorry. jenna: can you imagine that?
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police releasing a sketch of the suspect. the search for this attacker intensifying at this hour. we're going to talk to the lead detective on the case, coming up next.
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jenna: some football news, for ben roethlisberger, he's going to be back and playing sooner rather than later. he had been suspended for violating the league's personal conduct code because he was accused of sexual assault back in march, suspended for six games, now it's going to be four. it's just been reduced. he'll be back and playing apparently on october 17th when the steelers face off against cleveland. jon: "happening now" around the world, in the top box, secretary of defense robert gates just wrapping up a trip to afghanistan, visiting u.s. troops in the thick of the fighting, in
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the taliban strong hold of kandahar. gates says he sees signs the new strategy in the region is taking hold. he's headed back to the u.s. now. middle box, iran's state media showing pictures of antiisrael rallies in search cities across the country, president mahmoud ahmadinejad joining those demonstrators in iran, chanting "death to america, death to israel", along with the protestors. in the bottom box, fidel castro ditching his suit and putting on a military uniform for the first public uniform in four years, addressing students today at the university of havana. jen now this story, the victim of a vicious acid attack speaking out for the first time, bethany storro is recovering in a portland hospital. the 28-year-old is in remarkably high spirits, insisting she will not let her misfortune ruin her life. >> i try to just stay positive, and there are moments when i get really
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frustrated and i want to get mad at somebody and there's nobody to get mad at, you know. everybody has been so nice to me, and -- but i'm like okay, who do i get mad at? you know, there's no one to take my frustrations out on and i let it go and be like i can't -- if we can catch that girl, that would be awesome. jenna: well, police are now releasing a sketch of the suspect, she threw a cup of powerful acid for no apparent reason in bethany's face on monday night. joining us -- joining us on the phone, wally with the vancouver police department. bethany said she'd like to be mad at somebody, particularly the woman who did this to her. do we have an idea of who that is? >> we have information based on the description of the suspect. we don't have an individual or named suspect in this matter. jenna: do you have clues of how to find her? >> all the information we have in regard to the suspect is coming from the victim herself. there are no witnesses.
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the information, again, is based on the description of the suspect, and is coming directly from this young female victim. jenna: have you ever dealt with something like this before in your area? >> no. this is a new experience, never had anything like this occur in this area before and i don't think it's a common event in the united states where you have people throwing a caustic substance on individuals' faces. i know there has been an earlier instance in the state of washington tphaoefr seattle about three weeks ago, but in that case, there was a male suspect, not a female suspect. jenna: the material that was used to cause damage to bethany, has that offered any clues, maybe where this acid could even be from? >> well, i think it's safe to say it's a generic chemical, maybe a hydro colorric acid is what the hospital determined, their analysis of the substance has determined, however, the clothing and the things the victim was wearing when this incident occurred in vancouver washington has been sent to the crime lab
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for further analysis and that will take several weeks before they have a final resolution or determination of what exactly that chemical may be. nonetheless, to say that this is a caustic substance or threat, you know, a type of detrimental effect on the woman's face doesn't negate the fact that this occurred with a caustic substance, which may be in fact a common household chemical or a substance from a car battery. jenna: this happened in vancouver. there's some local reports there that have referred to this as a hate crime. would you categorize it as that, and do you have any idea on the motivation for the attack? >> well, i don't know what the motivation for this incident is. as far as police go, investigating a crime, putting labels on a crime, things like that is correct it's easy to do. i think that's more of a prosecutorial or district attorney job, once you find the suspect and end up in a criminal court situation, actually applying the law to the crime sit self.
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for investigators, it's a matter of just doing police work to find the suspect based upon legitimate factual information, the description, physical evidence, witness accounts, things like that. as far as a hate crime, there's no evidence to support that this individual incident is a hate crime. jenna: detective, we appreciate you sharing the informs with us. it's just a scary story and we'll be following it closely. detective wally stefan with the vancouver police department, thank you very much, sir. jon: bethany, we're pulling for you. jenna: we're thinking about her, for sure. jon: one of the most painful debate moments in recent political h*eutsry, we'll show you what happened to arizona's governor jan brewer. plus north carolina's outer banks, the folks there, some of the first to feel the wrath of earl, jonathan serrie, live in kill devil hills. >> reporter: when we come back, we'll show you what the weather is doing now, we'll also take you on a tour of some of the damage.
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jon hurricane earl, barreling up the east coast with gusts reaching 85 miles an hour, bearing down on virginia now. emergency crews in north carolina are starting to get an seesment of the impact there. jonathan ser see live at kill devil hills. how are the weather conditions where you are, jonathan? >> reporter: hi jon. the winds are dying down for now and some of the rains, we anticipate there may be
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additional squalls, but look at the ocean behind me, the waves here. it's still a very heavy surf, and we're experiencing heavy -- we were experiencing heavy surf in the days before the storm's arrival and we anticipate it will last for days after. for that reason lifeguard will have to keep swimmers out of the deep water through labor day weekend. we are getting late readings from buoys out in the water, 45-foot waves are being measured -- 49. i'm told that buoys out deep in the atlantic are measuring 49-foot waves, so still some very rough seas, so this is going to be an issue long after this storm passes jon. jon: wow. any damage on shore yet? >> reporter: there is, indeed. we have video to show you right now. although the outer banks were spared the hurricane-force winds, they did experience tropical storm-force winds overnight. we saw aluminum siding
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ripped off of the side of several buildings, some shingles ripped off of roofs, also some minor flooding. in fact, as the rains continued into the morning, flooding actually increased into the morning. so some of the major thorough fares were temporarily blocked off. but no serious damage. and as far as the power which is always a big concern, for most residents, it stayed on overnight, jon. jon: jonathan serrie in kill devil hills, thanks. jenna: we're going to check in on america's election headquarters, arizona's governor jan brewer stumbling badly in the opening statement of her debate wednesday night. take a listen for yourself: >> we are moving forward. we have done everything that we could possibly do.
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we have -- did what was right for arizona. i will tell you that i have really did the very best that anyone could do. jen tough to watch. it can happen to the best of us at times, ten seconds away there. brewer is running for election in november. her opponent is democratic attorney general terry god arrested. -- goddard. op jon massachusetts was the bluest of the blue states until scott brown came along, taking a seat held by ted kennedy. now republicans think they can make inroads come november. campaign carl cameron is live with more on that. what is the scott brown effect, exactly, carl? >> reporter: we'll find out on election day, jon, but it could be that his popularity and his endorsement of candidates in massachusetts could be the necessary weight to tilt the scales on election day for republicans. there are a number of race necessary which scott brown has made his presence well.
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he picked up ted kennedy's seat for republicans, and in the gop state -- in this state, the gop is looking for him to pick all few days. there is no incumbent running for reelection in the tenth congressional district, along the eastern-southern seaboard of massachusetts from the community known as quincy, massachusetts, just south of boston, all the way to cape cod. in that race, there are four republican candidates, all of whom are said to be stronger in the polls than two democratic candidates, so republicans see it as an opportunity for the scott brown effect on november 2nd to lift them to a victory, the question is whether or not the republicans can field the nominee from the roster of four who can beat the democrats and the two democrats vying for it are acknowledged in boston as not perhaps being the cream of the crop so there's an opportunity for the gop. jon: handicap that primary for us. >> the frontrunner is jeff
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perry. he is a state lawmaker, and he's gotten the support of scott brown, he's gotten the support of mitt romney and virtually the entire republican establishment, but he's also got the benefit of tea party voters, as well as some independent swing voters, and he's got a tough challenge from joe malone, former state treasurer. malone is trailing in the polls and very aggressively criticizing the frontrunner for some issues in his past. listen to this: >> we had police that had to resign because there was a major scandal that he was involved in, on top of that, he had a bogus degree from a college that he got in 28 days, on top of that, he was rigging red lights in order to entrap motorists, innocent motorists, and now he's got this relationship with a lobbyist, who is a lobbyist, a lobbyist for venezuelan dictator hugo chavez. >> to explain that, the connection to the dictator is he's supported by a
11:37 am
lobbyist who does a company with an oil interest in venezuela. it's 2 degrees of separation, and the question of what happened when he was in the police department was one of his colleagues was essentially thrown off the force and criminally prosecuted for giving strip searches to teenagers. malone is on the attack but as former state treasurer, he too had baggage, when boss, $9 million walked out of the office and some of his aides went to jail so his rival mr. perry says this is pure politics. listen to this: >> guilt by association thing. my component -- my opponent is throwing mud on this and a lot of other issues and fortunately, for me, and unfortunately for him, the people really see through it, they see he's losing in this race, he's far behind in the polls and far behind on monday. he has no endorsements of any significance, so people understand what's going on, it's a negative-style campaign and it's not going to work. >> reporter: it's a gop blood bath in the bay state is what it is and they have a very real possibility with
11:38 am
either perry or malone to beat the two democratic contenders, the general election is obviously on november 2nd, the primary is september 14th, 11 days from now and the gop is already beginning to smell another pickup in massachusetts, assuming that scott brown effect kicks in for them. jon: that would be something else. carl cameron in washington, thank you carl. jenna: tphoeuts secret there has been pretty grim economic numbers lately, also a stalled economic recovery, but we want to tell you about what's working now. one man is going against the grain, he's behind the only new bank to open in the u.s. this year, and here it is, no fancy skyscraper for the lake side bank in lake charles, louisiana. it's doing business out of a double wide trailer, at least for now. joining me is ha*rdy spence, president and ceo of the lake side bank. there's a little bit of a delay, ha*rdy is i'm going to launch into the first question, which is more than
11:39 am
100 banks have failed so far this year. why get into this business? >> it's a perfect time to get in. ag said in march, if you were 50 years younger, he would be opening a new bank now. it's the perfect time for us to start. jenna: you still have to get government-approved, they got to give you that stamp of approval to open your doors. why do you think your bank was picked? >> i think because we had a good, strong board of directors, a very clean board of directors, a good business plan, good executive management team, but equal to that is a local economy. and we had the local economy that had to be strong and have a good future outlook, and all of our local banks are strong and clean. so we have no weak banks anywhere in this region, have a strong area economy, so it's the perfect time for us to be kicking off. jenna: tell us about that, because you came out of retirement, you were hunting and fishing and got some guys that said come on, come open this bank with us and we don't hear enough stories about the people being hired
11:40 am
or getting loans, so how is business really in that area? >> business is excellent. we've had a lot of loan requests. today is the last day of our sixth week, and so six weeks into it, we've done the right thing at the right time and it's going well for us. jenna: so when are you going to expand out of the -- we're looking at our screen, by the way, out of the double wide trailer that has your bank inside of it right now. we understand you've got a drive-through window, too, in case people don't want to get out of their cars. when are you moving out of this trailer? >> i wond fer we lost him. we might have lost ha*rdy. tick a -- take a look at that place, it's a double wide trailer, they do business out of there. interesting note about ha*rdy, he did come out of retirement to be a banker again and on his business card, he has his home phone number. jon: you're kidding. jenna: he says that's the way you should do business. there's the drive-up there, i believe. he says that's the way you have to do business these
11:41 am
days, you've got to go back to the basics, back to being face to face, that's why on his home card, he has the home phone number and says people can call him. jon: some of these banks are not lending money these days, people that want a mortgage, no money. jen we always get the bad news on the economy, so there's a little knuckle. jon: i would love to hear the -- tell you horror stories about my bank, so ha*rdy, there you go. jenna: be careful about that, jon scott! jon: i know. earl, you know. hurricanes and other disasters can strike about anywhere, any time. so are you ready? dr. manny is here with a list of items you need in your emergency medical kit. it could save your life or those of your families'. next.
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jenna: we have great things next hour, the government releasing a brand new jobs report today, but the unemployment rate went up for the first time in about four-months. does that mean we need a
11:45 am
second stimulus? we're going to tackle that question. and you are probably aware there's a few shark necessary washington, but maybe you weren't thinking about the swimming kind? where this killer was caught. you're not going to believe it. we're going to talk to the person who took that photograph. and hurricane earl is churning north. we have live pictures of southampton, new jersey, courtesy of our fox affiliate wnyw where the surf is kicking up and the state braces for earl's arrival. janice dean is track its every move and we're live up and down the east coast with the very latest, all new, next hour. jon: a lot of folks along the eastern seaboard are not taking chance, they are evacuating ahead of hurricane earl, but some say they will stay and ride out the storm. now, either way, you should be prepared and have a medical emergency kit on hand for hurricanes or for any disaster. so what do you need in that kit? dr. manwhy alvarez is managing editor for fox news
11:46 am, member of our medical a team and he joins us now. >> listen, everybody thinks that they can ride out a storm. you have to be prepared. look, one thing we learned from katrina, is that when people are not prepared it can be devastating. the first thing you have to think as earl is coming up the coast here, you have to have certain things in your house, especially if you're going to be there. but for me, if you're a senior, if you have medical disabilities or the authorities tell to you leave, leave. that's the safest thing, first. however, think of energy source. one of the things that's happening, the electricity goes out, so you have to have an energy source, whether it's batteries or a generator. if you have a generator, think of carbon monoxide poisoning. that's a big ticket item. think of water, water gets contaminated, the red cross recommends 1 gallon per person in your house. have water supply. that's vital. food. think about food, if you
11:47 am
have energy bars or something that's not perishable, it's good to have and keep it dry and in a place that you can have easy access to. jenna: we're looking at the table with medical supplies and you know this better than anybody, but a quick question, you're going to go through the list of what to buy, do we need name brand stuff? does it matter? >> you don't. the easiest thing, go to the red cross, you can buy first aid kits that come prepared for families of two, three, four, it has all the supplies like abandoneddages and blankets and things you need for first aid, however, prescription is vital. if you're taking prescription medicine, this is the time that you go to the pharmacist and you ask for at least an extra week's supply of medicines. people with diabetes, insulin was a huge problem down in new orleans, when the people had no insulin. of course, you're a diabetic, you need your medication blood pressure medicines, heart medicines are things you need to get and of course, the emergency
11:48 am
medical kit has the things, abandoneddages, medical tape, things like that. jenna: do people miss something, when you're looking at a kit? bandaids, we would say maybe we have that in the house but maybe something like the tape, the gauze -- >> like i said, if you don't know what to pick, there's a lot of first aid kits that come prepackaged and preprepared, so it's easier to get those firsthand. finally, the other thing, by the way, is it's a little bit about the medical history. when i came back from katrina, one of the thanks i kept saying to everybody is know your medical history. make for theo copies, if you will, of your medical history, or your prescriptions. send them to relatives that live outside areas where, let's say, floods and things are not present, because people tend to forget in a panic. if you have to leave your house and you end up in a shelter, again, doctors will be there, nurses will be there, but the question is what is your medical condition, and you can imagine when you get disoriented, you don't know what's going on, it's better to make copies of your
11:49 am
personal papers and have them with you in case you have to leave the house. jon: dr. manny alvarez, thank you. >> you got it. jenna: a man hoping to spread the gospel -- we have a happy story after talking about a disaster, right? -- runs into a road block, this man. why one town is not giving its blessing to a signs four jesus. >> you know ferrari is one of the hottest cars on the road, but we're going to tell you how this sports car is burning up more than just the road. jon: that's not your car, is it? >> jenna: i hope not!
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
jon: "happens now", a
11:53 am
volcano in indonesia erupts again today, shooting a powerful new burrowo burst of hot ash 10,000 feet in the air. one tremor was felt 5 miles away. in the middle box, check out this video, a massive school of sharks in a feeding frenzy off the coast of australia, the fishermen in the area are being told to just stay out of the water. in the bottom box, new video from hamberg, germany where not one but nine cars were set on fire, completely destroyed. seven cars torched last night. police suspect activists are behind most of those attacks. no one was hurt. jenna: let's talk more about a hot car if you will, the new ferrari italia 458 is smoking, literally. imagine you shell out $262,000 for one of these babies, you open her up on the highway, then this happens. we'll show it to you, a picture of a 458 burning in china. the company is now recalling
11:54 am
more than 1200 of these 2010 models, after fires were first reported. apparently the company says it has something to do with glue used to attach the wheel arch lining. it becomes flammable when the car is driven really, really fast for a long time. i mean, no one would ever do that in a ferrari, come on. this model is supposed to get a brand new part and get improved soon. we don't have a date on that yet. but hopefully, they'll service their clients that spent $262,000 on that car. jon: you said imagine that you paid that for a car. i will imagine that for a long time! a former addict saying he turned his life around by following jesus. now he wants to spread the message of the bible with an electronic sign on his own property. but the zoning board is not saying amen to his plan. our religion correspondent lauren greene is live in the new york city newsroom. >> reporter: thank you very much, jon. this question, is this about religion or is it just about a town ordinance? well, you can judge for
11:55 am
yourself. >> thank you lord, thank you jesus. >> he used to be addicted to oxycontin, he says jesus helped him kick the habit. >> when i was recovering from the painkiller addiction he gave me powerful scripture throughout my entire withdrawal to be healed. >> now the 38-year-old new hampshire man wants to share the bible passages he says saved him, by lighting them up on a 12-foot tall, 8-foot wide electronic road sign in a process he calls signs four jesus. >> i envision a day where people will be driving to and from work read thank striature. >> the sign is going to be right here. >> he wants to put up signs for jesus across the country, starting with land he owns at an intersection in new hampshire. but the town is not letting the project get off the ground. >> the electronic nature of the sign is what we prohibit. >> the town's planning and zoning board turned the man down twice. >> the lettering can no be
11:56 am
electronic, it has to be the traditional type that you put up at this point. >> some feel the sign could distract drivers. the man says the sign needs to illuminate to show others the way. >> we're willing to take this to federal court if need be. >> mr. cuppen is hoping the houpb changes his mind. jon: interesting. lauren greene, thank you. jenna: what -- one of the big stories of the day, hurricane earl. it has weakened but still packing a dangerous punch. we have live pictures from long beach, new york for you, we're tracking the hurricane of the storm heads up the east coast, changing gears completely, you like fried food? one of the guys has created what some are calling heaven on earth. it's fried beer. for real. for real. fried beer. he's going to cook it for us in the next hour, and jon is going to try it. jon: i am?
11:57 am
jenna: oh yeah! ♪
11:58 am
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yep... this is one great card! call this toll-free number now for this... free information kit and medicare guide. jenna: well, we start this hour with a fox news alert. right now hurricane earl racing up the east coast. north carolina in its rear view, cape cod up ahead. what a way to start a holiday weekend, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. earl has weakened to a category 1, but it still packs a punch. janice dean is tracking earl's every move. jeff flock is in nags head, north carolina. david lee miller is in newport, rhode island, where there is a state of emergency. david lee, what's happening there? >> reporter: that's right, jon. a state of emergency has been declared, but a spokeswoman for the governor a few hours ago predicted that the state of rhode island is, quoting her
12:01 pm
now, going to dodge this bullet. that said, just moments ago the rhode island office of emergency management announced that they expect that the storm could stall over portions of rhode island and that the area that would be greatest affected is i-95, a major interstate that connects providence, rhode island, with boston, and there is concern that if the storm does stall this evening, it could cause flooding on i-95. they also expect, now, it may rain more than the expected 3 inches. gusts are expected at around 40 miles per hour. take a look now over my shoulder. i'm going to step out of the frame. here you can see the beautiful harbor here in newport, rhode island, and you can see some of these very, very expensive boats that are still moored here. for the most part, all of them are prepared for the storm, sails are down, dinghies have been removed. these vessels are secured to withstand earl.
12:02 pm
an additional amount of crafts, we're told, have been rehughed from this location and taken to safer harbors off in the distance just out of our camera frame. the u.s. coast guard is already this place here. they have a search and rescue boat that is ready to be deployed if needed. that said, for the most part, jon, many of the tourists who are here in newport do not seem very concerned about this storm. they believe it's going to be a lot of rain, some high winds, but they do not expect it's going to cause cancellation of their vacation plans. there are concerns there could be downed tree limbs and power outages, but we are told by this time tomorrow it is expected that there will be sunny skies here in newport and throughout the state of rhode island. the storm is expected to pass. just a few moments ago i talked to a young girl, she couldn't have been any older than 10 years old. she's here on vacation, and i asked her for her thoughts on the hurricane. quoting her now, no big deal.
12:03 pm
we'll have to wait and see. jon? jon: we will wait and see. all right, david lee miller, thanks. jen a direct quote from a vacationer. well, hurricane warnings and advisories up and down the eastern seaboard. big earl did whip through north carolina this morning causing major flooding amongst other things. we're going to go to jeff flock who is live in nags head, north carolina. he's been out in the water and waves all morning. hi, jeff. >> reporter: that's when i'm at my best, and this is the ideal kind of storm in some ways along the outer banks, jenna. you can see right now out on the beach things are much better than they were overnight. you don't see any debris, that's a real good sign, an indication there wasn't a lot of damage. some of what we did overnight, not to say that a cat 2 storm that came by here even though it wasn't a direct hit didn't do some serious activity. we had a lot of wind, a lot of rain. this is a huge storm, so it's push being a lot of water.
12:04 pm
fortunately, headed up toward david lee there. it's moving so fast, it won't be pushing quite as much water as it did coming up here. the latest thing the hurricane center said was 21 miles an hour is how fast it's moving. take a look at some of the homes out here. some of them didn't even bother to board up, and it turned out to be fairly smart in that we didn't have the worst of it as we could have. i think this was extraordinary to me, jenna, because what it did was it followed the forecast track and the forecasts almost perfectly. it made the turn exactly where it was supposed to and, consequently, we didn't get the storm on shore here. so i think good news all around. jenna: all right. looks like you had plenty of time playing in those waves. we saw some of that video -- >> reporter: hey, now. jenna: when you're in the waves, you're in your element, also when it's warm and dry as well. jeff flock, we'll be talking to you later on today. thank you so much. well, we are getting some more photos from those of you who are preparing for hurricane earl.
12:05 pm
joni sent in this photo of cooper, he's the lab on your screen. he's checking out the waves. he's not brave enough to jump into the surf there in delaware, but that's probably a good idea. the rip currents can be, you know, pretty tough even for dogs. if you're in the middle of this dog and you can safely snap a photo, send them to us. upload them at report. we love getting them, so go ahead and send them in. jon: get 'em to us. president obama speaking out a short time ago on the brand new august jobs report saying the private sector growth is a positive sign but more has to be done for this economy. now, according to the labor department the economy lost 54,000 jobs overall. that sent the unemployment rate up to 9.6%. major garrett is live at the white house. major, the president is trying to come up with some new ideas on the economy, but it looks like they're kind of stuck there at the white house. >> reporter: there is a problem here at the white house, and it's not just an economic
12:06 pm
one. boy, i love the construction workers here, i do love them so. the problem is this, if the white house the president put forward a new plan of economic ideas, more tax cuts targeted for small businesses, perhaps a payroll tax holiday, will congress have time or the inclination to implement them? the answer is probably, no, on both counts. congress is only going to have a couple of weeks here in washington before democrats and republicans head back for the midterm elections. and the president also has another problem, his administration dubbed this back in may the recovery summer, and though there was some small degree of private sector job growth this month or the month of august, it can only be described as economists on both sides of the aisle as anemic. so i asked the president today after his remarks, does he regret calling this recovery summer? here's part of his answer. >> the key point i'm making right now is that the economy is moving in a positive direction, jobs are being created, they're just not being created as fast
12:07 pm
as they need to given the big hole that we experienced, and we're going to have to continue to work with republicans and democrats to come up with ideas that can further accelerate that job growth. >> reporter: but that very admission, jon, that the president needs to come up with additional ideas undercuts the effectiveness in the public's mind of all the ideas and the proposals put forward and passed by the democratic congress. that's an economic problem, and it's a far larger political problem as well. jon: so what can congress realistically do with any of these new proposals that are out there? >> reporter: well, you've got two problems for democrats. one, you have republicans looking at the polls, looking at all the analytical data. that puts them in the mood, shall we say, not to compromise, not to give the president a political hand on the toughest issue overall, the economy. plus democrats are divided about what to do. there are some who are saying, mr. president, extend all the bush tax cuts, even those to the wealthiest americans asking him, essentially, to go back on one
12:08 pm
of his most fundamental campaign promises. so the divisions in the white house are also being replicated on capitol hill. jon: major, is it true you are so tired to talk over the construction noise at the white house that you're going to go retire to your study and get into the print business where things are nice and quiet? [laughter] >> reporter: things are nice and quiet in the print business, but it's not nothing to do with my brothers in the construction business although there are times when they like me more than i like them. jon: well, congratulations to you. major's last day with us here at fox news channel. he's moving on to the national journal. major, good on ya. >> reporter: thanks very much, jon. all the best. you too, jenna. jon: the president looking at new ideas to boost job growth. we're going to take a look at what should be on the table and what needs to be done to get americans working again. our economic panel joins us just moments from now. jenna: we're watching earl's every move as it marchs up the east coast. this storm is weaker, but it still has the potential to
12:09 pm
wallop parts of new england. where is earl heading next? keep it right here. also, a stalker hacks into a woman's facebook page, winds up terrorizing her entire family. how safe is your facebook account? we have that answer to that question coming up next. plus, a scary plane crash in due why -- dubai. breaking news coming right up after the break. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go
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you may be eligible to pay $10 a month with the onglyza value card program. jon: a fox news alert, we're just getting word of a plane crash in dubai. the report is that an aircraft has gone down apparently on a highway in dubai, exploded and started a number of fires in that area. dubai, of course, one of the economic miracles of the middle east. a lot of americans and other international travelers change planes there for flights into other countries. again, we don't know where this flight originated, we don't even know at this point which airline it was, but apparently it has gone down on a highway in dubai.
12:13 pm
we're working to get more information from our international desk. when we do, we'll bring it to you straightaway. jenna: other news coming from d.c. where pfeiffer fighters are respond -- firefighters are responding to a suspicious package at the vietnam vets' memorial. firefighters were told there was a white substance, and the package was placed near the wall. our crew is on the scene, they're trying to collect some photos and video for us and checking it out. so far, firefighters are not wearing too much protective gear which is an indication that maybe it's going to be all clear, but we're not sure yet. bewe just wanted to let you know as we learn more about that, again, a suspicious package at the vietnam war vets' memorial, we will bring you that information. jon: we are still tracking hurricane earl as well. "happening now" in the top box, the storm weakens to a category 1. top winds now about 85 miles an hour. in the middle box, live pictures of south hampton, new york,
12:14 pm
where the storm is kicking up dangerous waves and rip currents. hurricane warnings in effect right now. and in the bottom box, the storm brushes north carolina's coast flooding parts of the vacation island knocking out power as well. no injuries, though, reported there. jenna: facebook is rolling out a brand new security feature, and this is coming after a stalker terrorized a mother and her children by hacking into her account. courtney friel is on this story, she's in the newsroom with details. courtney, the new security feature is not because of the stalking situation, right? but it is something new here. >> reporter: yeah, and no. this seems to be a coincidence. facebook has gotten a lot of created schism recently for -- criticism for its security and privacy policies. here's what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks. if you're a facebook viewer, you'll now be allowed to log out of your account remotely from another computer, but not on mobile devices just yet. this new feature will show where your account is logged in and on what type of device or near a
12:15 pm
city. so, basically, you can see if your boyfriend is spying on you or if somebody else is hacking into your account. and by clicking the end activity in the account settings, you'll log that person off. so all this comes following the news of a facebook stalker situation in australia. a mom in sydney claims her 12-year-old daughter's account was hacked into by a stalker who lured information such as their family's home address out of her friends through instant message chats. the person then posted pornographic images and threatening messages on her mom's page saying things like, i will find your girl, and she is the mother of your children. they, of course, got scared and have been trying to contact facebook, but couldn't get a response. they then went to police who said the social networking site wouldn't cooperate with them either. facebook has yet to respond to my requests for information, but they're working with local law enforcement to help keep the girl safe. jenna: all right, courtney, keep us up-to-date. sounds like the new security features are a good idea though.
12:16 pm
thanks, court. jon: president obama talking jobs looking at some new ideas to try to boost this sick economy. our economic panel on hand with what should and should not be on the table. and who doesn't love beer out there, huh? you've all heard of deep fried coke, maybe deep fried cookies, maybe even deep fried snickers. how about some deep fried beer? jenna: there it is. jon: there it is! the guy behind this idea joins us next. ♪ delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing new activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler.
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it seats eight comfortably -- not that it always has to.
12:19 pm
jon: a fox news alert, still trying to develop more information on the plane crash in the united arab emirates. some kind of a cargo plane, we're told, has gone down on a
12:20 pm
highway in dubai. we're told this is a residential area and some cars have been set on fire. there's no word on what model of plane has crashed. it could be something as big as a 747, it could be something as small as a single-engine turbo prop that would norly carry 8-10 passengerrers. we don't have the description yet, but we do know cars are on fire. quite a scene of mayhem there this dubai. we're working to get video from there, when we do, we'll bring it to you straightaway. jenna: well, president obama addressing the unemployment problem a short time ago calling for a new plan to get the economy moving. >> i will be addressing a rodder package -- broader package of ideas next week. we are confident that we are moving in the right direction, but we want to keep this, this recovery moving stronger and accelerate the job growth that's
12:21 pm
needed so desperately all across the country. jenna: broader package of ideas, what does that really mean? we're going to e talk to our panel on in the, elaine chao, former secretary of labor, peter , former chief economist at the international trade commission, jeffrey frankel, and keenan hawk, he's president and senior analyst. welcome to you all. >> hello. jenna: peter, starting off with you. when we talk about the broader package that the president is looking at for this economy, what do you think should be in it? >> well, i think that additional stimulus spending and even some tax breaks is not the answer. the real problem that we have is the gaping trade deficit we have with china. the president's been unable to convince the chinese to revalue their currency, and until we soft the riddle of the trade -- solve the riddle of the trade deficit, there isn't going to be enough demand. look for the president to propose some business-friendly tax cuts so as to try to, you know, burnish up the image of
12:22 pm
the democrats going into the election. jenna: jeffrey, you worked for a democratic president, clinton, and then he turned things around. would you agree with peter, it comes to the trade deficit and maybe just some more tax cuts? >> not really. i think the chinese exchange rate, i think it should go up, i think that's second order. by the way, president clinton month this and month out for eight years the rate of job creation was 240,000. now, this morning's numbers were well short of that, but so far this year private job creation's been positive every month, and the average has been 90,000 which is not enough. we want something more like during the clinton years. but i will say it's three times higher than the rate of job growth during the bush period between the recessions, during the period of supposed expansion -- jenna: elaine, we're going to have to bring her in because she was labor secretary for president bush, so your response? >> i think it's highly
12:23 pm
disingenuous to say that, first of all, the unemployment rate during 2001-2008 on average was 5.2%. the underemployment rate in this economy right now is about 16.7. it, in fact, increased from 16.5 from the previous month. the real problem with this economy is that it's not creating private sector jobs. and on average the positive job growth and the private industry they're talking about is basically 10,000 a month when we need about 200,000 new jobs created every month just to keep even with inflation. jenna: elaine, let me just jump in there because the president's floating that jobs bill, a $30 billion bill he wants congress to pass through. will that create more jobs? >> again, i think he left out a very important component of this small business bill. in the his press conference this morning he talked about that. he did not mention that in the small business relief bill
12:24 pm
someone amended, added an amendment in the senate that basically added a t.a.r.p. provision. and that is why so many people, so many senators are not supporting it, because there's a t.a.r.p. component to this small business bill, and we all know how unpopular that t.a.r.p. component really is. and that's why the republicans have some hesitation. jenna: might be some details that we need to get into, keenan. you manage money every day, that's your job -- >> i'm using the stock market as barometers for all this stuff. jenna: what is it telling usesome. >> well, look, the market has been stuck in the mud really since the flash crash on may 6th, and a lot has to do with economics and academics are one thing, but do with out -- go out to the country and actually ask business owners, what do you need to see to create jobs, what will cause you to hire? every one of them from new york to every part of the country will tell you, cut my taxes, and for crying out loud, cut the regulation. business owners around the country, including me, are drowning and suffering in
12:25 pm
increasingly higher layers of regulation, and we're to the point where we almost cannot take it. cut taxes, cut regulations and this machine -- the dow could go to 20,000 in two years. jenna: you better watch yourself, that's a big promise. jeffrey, you worked, as you mentioned, job growth under clinton. he used tax cuts to his benefit, jeffrey, to kind of keep job creation going. what was the key thing that kept the job creation going so strong under clip torn? clinton? >> well, during the, during the '90s, the clinton years, it was the private sector led job growth and wasn't expendituring monetary fiscal extension. we've been in this worst recession since the great depression, and we knead some of -- need some of that stimulus in the short run. jenna: how much? >> well, i mean, what the white house is proposing now, i mean, it's better than nothing and i'm in favor of it, they're doing the most they can under the
12:26 pm
political constraints, but it's nowhere near adequate. they've learned every time they propose sensible economic stimulus that the republicans block it. i will say good economics would involve some fiscal spending, not just tax cuts, well designed to maximize bang for the buck and at the same time some measures to address these very serious long-term fiscal implications -- jenna: but are you talking about, are you talking about a stimulus, you're saying there's not enough really on the table, another, like, $800 billion plan in its totality? there well, that's out of the question politically. but -- and also there is this question whether we can afford it after the huge debt we've inherited from the past. but, yeah, it would take something like that. i'm not recommending that, certainly not -- can. jenna: elaine, go ahead. >> tax cuts is really misstated. you know, the law of the land now is that we have had reduced tax rates ever since 2001, and what's going to happen in january of next year if nothing
12:27 pm
is done by this congress is that taxes are going to increase, so we're going to have increased taxes, a huge deficit looming, we've got washington basically issuing regulations on steroids, no wonder the private sector doesn't have any confidence. jenna: all right, final question -- >> and look what the president wants to do on that. he wants to raise the top bracket. that would tax fully 50% of the schedule c or proprietary business, small business income taxes. that's absolutely absurd to take half of the small businesses in the country and with state taxes push them into a modular rate of above -- >> can we talk about what the president wants to do? >> he wants to do that. he wants to do that. what the president wants to do, what the president wants to do -- jenna: peter, hold on a second and let jeffrey get in there with an answer, and then i have a final question for all of you. jeffrey, go ahead. >> president obama's proposal is precisely what he said would do which is to allow the bush tax
12:28 pm
cuts to expire as the law was written in the 2001 and 2003 on those families earning more than $250,000 a year but to extend them on all the rest of us. the republican position is to block that. if we can't have tax cuts for the super rich, then nobody gets them. that's the republican position. jenna: all right. final question for all of you, the president said better days are ahead. keenan, when do they get here? >> november 3 rld. [laughter] jenna: why november 3rd? >> that's when the republicans are going to start taking action again. jenna: peter? >> well, they have to come november 3 rld. when nancy pelosi became speaker of the house, unemployment was less than 5%. the budget deficit was about 150 billion, now it's 1.3 trillion. clearly, the house of representatives run by nancy pelosi, has taken the country into a financial crisis. we need a new congress to accomplish anything. jenna: elaine? well, elections have consequences, and i'm looking at 2012 primarily because the
12:29 pm
president still has the veto pen. even if the senate and the house which i do not believe, but the house has a better prospect of changing hands, but even if the that happens, the president still has the veto pen. jenna: jeffrey, final word here. >> remember where we were in this january 2009, the rate of job loss was at its absolute maximum. the rate of gdp growth was at its maximum, the economy was in freefall, financial markets had completely dried up and seized up. the situation today is not good enough, but it's infin anytimely better than 18 months ago. jenna: lots of perspectives, appreciate it. thank you so much. jon: well, just in, the suspect who was held in the evacuation of miami airport last night is to be released with no charges filed. it was mayhem at the airport there last night. four of the six concourses at that very large airport had to be evacuated after authorities spotted what looked like a bomb
12:30 pm
in this gentleman's luggage. they opened it up, they found a canister, it looked suspicious. turns out the guy is a 70-year-old scientist. authorities are not saying exactly what it was that he had, but they say it was legitimate. they say he was cooperative throughout, and it turned out not to be a bomb. so all of the folks were eventually let back into the four concourses at mia. planes are flying again, and that scientist who carried the suspicious-looking canister in his luggage, he is free right now. jenna: all right. well, a story if there ever was one for going into a very busy holiday travel weekend. jon: leave the canisters home, folks. jenna: this hurricane's getting different nicknames. big, bad earl, i think that's what we're calling it now. we're going to show you the damage the storm's already done. plus, it's not that unusual for a fisherman to catch a shark, but where this shark was caught might shock you. it will shock you. we're going to talk with the
12:31 pm
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jenna: a fox news weather alert for you now, hurricane early is now a -- earl is now a category 1 storm heading for cape cod. the wild winds from earl not as strong as they once were, but they're still packing a punch here ripping siding and roofs
12:35 pm
off of homes. we're going to get the latest, meteorologist janice dean has been living, literally, in the extreme weather center for the last three days. you know earl very well,. >> reporter: sleeping baggings, ham burger wrappers, but we do have our maps, and once we're done with earl, we're not done yet. we still have a couple weeks to go in this peak hurricane season. fiona behind that, that could brush bermuda this weekend, and gaston which is a remnant low right now, but we are expecting he could make a return and perhaps even become a hurricane next week. so here's the radar. big, bad earl moving north, north wees at 21 miles per hour. the storm is moving quickly and downgraded to just a category 1, 85 mile-per-hour sustained winds. still feeling the effects of the outer bands across portions of new england. we still have hurricane warnings
12:36 pm
for cape cod as well as nantucket, martha's vineyard for overnight tonight as we think earl could come close to that region. in terms of rainfall, we've already seen perhaps 3-5 inches across portions of north carolina. as earl moves up the coast, though, we could see 2-3 inches for new england as well as eastern long island, so not done yet but almost, jenna, and i think the second half of the weekend for most will be fantastic here in the northeast. jenna: good to end on a positive note, j.d., appreciate it. back to you in just a little bit. jon: talk about a surprise, a maryland fisherman drops his net and comes up with an 8-foot bull shark. these sharks are known to be man eaters, they are classified as such. bull sharks can, you know, swim and breed in fresh water but not usually so close to an urban area. christy henderson took this picture of this 300-pound fish. she is the owner of buzz's marina in maryland, joins us
12:37 pm
live on the phone. so you didn't catch this thing, but you know who did, huhsome. >> no, sir. i did not catch it. jon: you ever seen a bull shark that they pulled out of the river? >> no, sir, no, sir. jon: i bet everybody was talking about this one. >> everybody's still talking about this one. [laughter] jon: they are a species of shark that is known to do well in freshwater, and that's why they can be so scary in some circumstances. anybody get bitten in this little outing here? >> no, nobody got bitten in this outing, but later that day another one was found a couple miles up the river in another net. jon: wow. >> one a little bit bigger, it was 8 foot, 3 inches. jon: so don't go swim anything the potomac. >> i never knew this until this week. jon: look at those thing. that teeth could take a chunk out of you. if hay want to come -- they want to come take a taste of whatever's out there and you happen to be the hors d'oeuvre,
12:38 pm
it's not going to be pretty. >> no, i wouldn't want to be its dinner. jon: all right. what is going to happen to this sharksome. >> i believe that mr. dean is going to eat it. jon: make some shark steaks? >> yes, he is. jon: that's a headline, man bites shark. [laughter] christy henderson, well, we hope you don't see too many more bull sharks come into your marina. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. jenna: wow, right? what a surprise, there's a shark in your net. two democratic presidents, two different decades, and both facing similar job struggles. coming up, we're going to compare the clinton and obama presidency and find out if president obama can really stage a clintonesque comeback. are you looking for work? how about working the land? the new push to train americans to farm and why it's so controversial, that story coming up. [ male announcer ] redesigned power e-trade pro.
12:39 pm
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call the doctor about plavix -- please? i will. [ male announcer ] certain genetic factors and some medicines such as prilosec reduce the effect of plavix leaving you at greater risk for heart attack and stroke. your doctor may use genetic tests to determine treatment. don't stop taking plavix without talking to your doctor as your risk of heart attack or stroke may increase. people with stomach ulcers or conditions that cause bleeding should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin may increase bleeding risk, so tell your doctor when planning surgery. tell your doctor all medicines you take including aspirin especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than two weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. [ female announcer ] talk to your doctor about plavix. megyn: hi, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. just as immigration and customs enforcement is letting thousands of captured illegals go free, we
12:42 pm
learn stunning new information about a path it is now giving -- pass it is now giving to a major sanctuary city. a full report. plus, the fist hillary clinton for president ad just hit the airwaves. who's behind it? a major senate democrat -- democrat -- who voted for the health care overhaul just reversed himself on the law. is this a sign of things to come? and a veterans' service dog had an accident in the grocery store. the veteran gets booted from the store for life in kelly's court. jon: is it starting to feel a lot like 1994 all over again to you? think about it. a first-term democratic president, a young one in the white house, health care reform a key issue and a hard-fought campaign season with republicans attempting to take back congress. but after suffering a midterm defeat in 1994, president
12:43 pm
clinton did make a comeback to win re-election. can the same happen to president obama? let's talk about it. get out your history book, paul gigot is with us. there are a lot of similarities. >> well, there are. we haven't had the election, so we have to see what size rebuke, if there is one, to this democratic control the voters paste on in november. jon: there's a lot of speculation that republicans could win back control of at least the house of representatives. that's what happened to bill clinton when newt gingrich led that republican revolution in '94. >> that's right. and if that happens, i think you're going to see the president have to do something because he's going to have to show the voters he heard them. i mean, voters speak, and politicians react. and presidents who are rebuked and lose control of congress, they're going to have to do something. now, what would that be? shaking up his staff? probably some of that, particularly the economic team. but could it also be working with the republicans and maybe moving to the middle?
12:44 pm
that's what clinton did. the question would be, will president obama do that? jon: also interesting, too, that health care which was the signature accomplishment of his first term doesn't really take full effect until his second term if he gets one, right? >> that's right. 2013 is when it starts to kick in, so all of the benefits they say will accrue from this bill won't be there for a long time while the costs, rising costs of health care will hit, will keep -- if you look at what's happening, the trends are going to keep coming. so that might not make that any more popular before 2012. jon: so when the democrats got spanked at the polls in '94, bill clinton took a look at the tea leafs and moved more to the center, right? >> he sure did. he brought in dick morris, a fox news contributor now, and doug schoen, another one, who brought him into the middle. president clinton had been, instinctively, a new democrat. he ran on that in 1992. that isn't the political dna
12:45 pm
this president has. he's out of chicago, he has a different upbringing and i think, so far, has not shown that instinct to move to the middle. now, would the shock of a real electoral defeat bring him there? i think that would be, that's going to be the major question if republicans take congress. jon: well, the campaign season really gets under way for real right here after labor day. >> we're right about there. jon: it is going to be interesting. paul has a lot more to talk about tomorrow. you can catch the journal editorial report right here on fox news, 2 p.m. eastern. paul and his panel will discuss all kinds of things. and then don't flip the dial, i'll be hosting a fascinating round table 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, 2:30 eastern time i should say, fox news watch. be sure to catch them both. jenna: well, at fox news we're always on the job hunt for you, and farmers are actually hiring now hoping to train americans to work in the fields.
12:46 pm
but their job offer isn't coming without a little controversy. claudia cowan has more on a new plan called take our jobs. claudia? >> reporter: well, jenna, in response to calls to crack down on illegal immigration, the united farm workers of america has launched the take our jobs campaign. many critics out there call this whole thing one pig joke, but -- big joke, but the union says it's trying to show americans what it is migrant farm workers do and help anyone out there looking for work train for jobs in the field. >> we're giving that opportunity to any american that's unemployed right now that really wants to see how it is to work in agriculture today. >> this is not a job-training opportunity, this is a political stunt that is designed to continue to push the idea that we need to keep the borders open to allow illegal aliens to flood into our country. >> reporter: union organizers say anyone's welcome to take them up on their offer but few have given the back-breaking labor and difficult working conditions. >> the fact that you're going to be working out in the hot sun,
12:47 pm
it's going to be 100 degrees plus. there's no air-conditioning, often times no shade for the workers. they're not ready to tolerate those kinds of conditions. >> reporter: critics argue those conditions and low wages are perpetuated by the influx of cheap mexican labor. they say securing the border would drive up wages and spark competition to get even the toughest farm worker jobs. >> there are no jobs that people won't do, there's only wages that people won't accept. and if we saw some fair wages with farm workers, we would probably see more americans lining up for these jobs. >> reporter: of course, fair wages would mean significant price hikes for american produce leaving stores and shoppers to choose between cheap fruits and vegetables from south of the border or higher-priced goods picked by their neighbors. in this economy the union says that's no choice at all, but critic insist it's a small price to pay for putting americans back to work and securing the border. jenna? jenna: interesting take. claudia cowan for us in san
12:48 pm
francisco today. jon: some breaking terror news right after the break, new threats against europe and the united states to tell you about. plus, if you have a three-day weekend ahead, think about this unusual snack. you know, people will fry just about anything, a snickers bar, a stick of butter, but fried beer? jenna says it can be done. she's even tried it. jon jen i have. jon: we're going to put it to the test. jenna: delicious. a ♪ for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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12:51 pm
jon: a fox news alert and the pakistani taliban leader is threatening attacks in europe saying europe and the united states, i said -- i should say -- saying that attacks will
12:52 pm
be carried out, quote, very soon. not a lot of information is available about this threat, but it comes from one of the groups that the united states has talked about listing as a terrorist organization. the group is essentially scoffing at that saying that they will be mounting attacks from the pakistani taliban calling it, saying that they will be launching those attacks on the united states saying it shows the u.s. and its allies are shared of us -- are scared of us, that according to a spokesman for the ttp, the organization. jenna: a 7.4 magnitude earthquake striking just a little bit south of the big city of christchurch in new zealand. it's the middle of the night, this is just the first news we have on this, 7.4 magnitude earthquake. that's a big one, so we'll keep a close eye on this developing news out of new zealand.
12:53 pm
in the meantime, to this story now, most people would agree nothing goes better with fried food than an ice cold beer, but what if the beer was fried as wellsome that's right, one texas man is now serving up a unique finger food for the texas state fair, but you're seeing it here first on fox news. mark zable is the creator of fried beer. he's joining us from dallas. mark, you have some explaining to do. our viewers and our newsroom want to know why you're frying perfectly good beer. >> well, a couple reasons. one is i really wanted to try to win the toe be by this year at the big tex choice cookoff, the second is to make life simpler. you should be able to eat it instead of just being able to drink it. [laughter] jenna: so how does it work exactly? >> well, aye been able -- i've been able to encase beer inside of a dough and deep fry it. if you were to break one after it's been open, the beer will
12:54 pm
actually pour out. jenna: so what kind of beer is that? >> it's guinness right now, but i think i'm going to switch and use a texas beer. it makes sense since it's the texas state fair. jenna: is will any secret to making really good fried beer? >> there is, but that's the trade secret part of it. [laughter] no sane person would ever put beer in a fryer. you just don't put beer in a fryer. jenna: go ahead, jon, try it. jon: i think it's technically illegal to drink a beer on television, but i guess you can eat one, right? jenna: we're in a new area. he's chewing. >> a completely new food category. jon: i can taste it. jenna: what do you think? jon: well, i like my beer cold. [laughter] jenna: i don't know if the fried beer is right for you if you like the cold stuff. mark, real quick, are you going to sell this? are you going to package it? what are you going to do with
12:55 pm
fried beer? >> it'll actually be at the state fair, and i think it's probably going to be five to an order, and after that i'm looking at doing wholesale and retail packaging. i've gotten a lot of interest across the u.s. as well as overseas. jenna: sounds like -- it's a cool idea. fried beer, who would have thought? mark, thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us here on fox news, and good luck at the state fair. big competition for the best finger food, so we wish you a lot of luck. >> thank you very much, jenna. jon: fair goers have have to beo drink one of these. jenna: and it's completing with a fried frozen margarita. who knew? jon: it is a border battle heating up again, more bullets, dead bodies found as well. what it means for our border protection, that's ahead. ♪ what the people need ♪s a way to make 'em smile ♪ it ain't so hard to do if you know how ♪ [ female announcer ] fall for the ozarks in branson, missouri! music and nature in perfect harmony!
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12:58 pm
jon: i want to show you pictures from an event to took place nearly a week ago. it's going to affect me for a lifetime. i was honored to emcee the gala for the congressional medal of
12:59 pm
honor. this one was in huntsville, alabama. the foundation bestowed an award on a hero whose name and faces very familiar to you, chelsey sullenberger, captain. only 87 medal of honor recipients remain alive today. many of them were in attendance. when you get to sit next to a man likely owe thorsness you can't but come away humbled. after having heard their stories i will never again have a bad day in my life. as a father of a future army officer i hope my son, all of our children, all americans will study and appreciate the value that the medal of honor represents, courage rajai, selflessness patriot teuts -- day tree ot

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